Company Details

  • Business Type : Exporters
  • Location : -
  • Year Established : 2012
  • Number Of Employees : 1-5
  • Export Percentage : -
  • Production Lines : -
  • R&D Staff : -
  • Total Annual Revenue :
  • Main Markets : Asia,Europe,Worldwide
  • Main Products : Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Country/Region : Greece
  • Links : Greece Agriculture, Greece Oils & Extracts, Greece Plant Oils,
  • Company Introduction

    Dear Madam/Sir, We are delighted to introduce you to our top qualityproducts feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil! Our company Yioi XristouMandaraki  having anexperience of more than 30 years in the field of fetacheese making extends its goals by offering the numberone good of the oil fields of Ancient Olympia Greece,the extra virgin olive oil! Please feel free to visitour website to get the information you need on these products ofexcellence! We are ableof exporting a great quantity of bottled extra virgin olive oil tothe number of 1000+ tons! This is the main factor which allows usto keep our prices low and with small deviation caused by thedomestic seasonal fluctuation of olive oil prices. This fact givesthe opportunity to our co-operators to capture some profits throughthe final retail price given at your country’s market. Havingorders being executed at the moment to the Netherlands, Serbia andJapan we are eager to spread the word for our top quality productsto more and more countries. Finally, donot hesitate to request samples of our products so you will be ableto check and taste them yourself! Attached to this e-mail you canfind a catalogue of the bottle versions in addition to informationreferring to Nutrition Facts and Pharmaceuticalproperties. BestRegards,PanagiotisChatzilazaridis, Export and Marketing Manager. Yioi Xristou Mandaraki OEPyrgos Ilias, 10 Manolopoulou , P.C. 27100 , Greece Website_ http://mandarakis.comMob_  (30) 6985969298  || Mail_  info@mandarakis.comFax_ (30) 26210-25795   || Office_ (30) 26210-25795 

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Mandarakis
  • Telephone :
  • Mobilephone :
  • Address : Greece,
  • Website : Visit website
  • Company Product

    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mandarakis from Greece