• valau


    SANCHO, 22

    We are spanish manufacturer and distributor specialized in agricultural products, such as wheat and barley straw, chopped straw. Our product have a very good quality We make different measures of bales 300 Kg to 500 Kg
  • The San Juan Cabazes

    Other, Spain,

    Las Cabezas de San Juan was formed in early 2008 due a commoditiesshortage Spain. Through innovative methods, Las SanJuan able to produce and sell compressed package of straw toaid Spanish famers. Our success production packagingin southern Spain prompted ...

    Barrio EL CRISTO 5

    FORRAJES SOPALACIO is a full integrated company specialized in animal feeding processing and distribution. Stablished 1970s, today leading the market, handling big variety of fodders like ALFALFA all its presentations, VEZA, STRAWS, CEREALS (wheat, ...

    Carretera de la esclusa 11, planta 1

    We are spanish manufacturer specialized in agricultural products, as alfalfa, hay-lucerne, oat, wheat straw and pellet. dehydrated ourselves the product for best quality. Also have suncured products. make double compression bales transportation. ...
  • Finca FEROES


    Our genuine product already selling worldwide has aun impresa ice rcord For quality animal Fed sucess.Bales include fine alfalfa and hay, optional cereal grain improved Energy provisi³n.Finca Feroes  ALFALFA AND HAY BALES extra weight container ...
  • Prensado de Paja y Forrajes Hnos Bernal, SL