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  • Business Type : Distributor/Wholesaler
  • Location : maine
  • Year Established : 2009
  • Number Of Employees : 1 - 5
  • Export Percentage :
  • Production Lines :
  • R&D Staff :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
  • Main Products : Chaga
  • Country/Region : United States
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  • Company¬†Introduction

    Norther Maine Chaga. Sold whole or processed your choice. Prices very with demand. We will beat any other authentic Chaga wholesaler within reason. We proudly stand behind all of our products. Each Chaga mushroom is harvested in Maine. Buyers have the option to choose which variety of tree that their Chaga comes from, Birch or Beech. The product is labeled with species and date to insure quality. All of our Chaga is harvested with the safety of keeping the tree alive and intact. Green harvest only! NO chainsaws or gas powered tools used. To insure no contamination of the Chaga. Please contact us if you have any other needs such as specialty mosses, bee hives, drift wood, or any other item used in the Flower shop industry.Brief Products Discription:English Name: Chaga ExtractLatin Name: Inonotus obliquus; Phaeoporus obliquus; Fuscoporia obliquusActive ingredients: Polysacchardes (UV)Content: Polysaccharides 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%Appearance: Fine powderColor: Deep BrownParticle Size: 100% pass 80meshMoisture: 5% maxAsh: 5% max.Heavy metal: 10ppm maxAs: 2ppmPesticides: NegativeBrief Medicinal Functions:Chaga extracts can prevent and cure cancer, heart disease, diabetes.Well, if you have any interests or question on our Chaga or other kinds of mushroon and botanic products, please feel free and contact me soon!

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Aaron Knight
  • Job Title : Business Manager
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : 3 Riverview Dr topsham, maine
  • Fax : 1 - -
  • Website : Visit website
  • Company¬†Product

    • Chaga Whole or Processed