Henan Xinyang Lu's Tea Co., Ltd.

Company Details

  • Business Type : Manufacturing
  • Location : Baigaomiao Village, Qianjin Office, Yangshan New Z
  • Year Established : 1996
  • Number Of Employees : 100+
  • Export Percentage : -
  • Production Lines : -
  • R&D Staff : -
  • Total Annual Revenue :
  • Main Markets : Africa,Asia,Middle East
  • Main Products : Tea,
  • Country/Region : China
  • Links : China Agriculture, China Organic Foods, China Organic Tea,
  • Company Introduction

    Company Introduction:Henan Xinyang Lu’s Tea Group was founded in 1996, it covers an areaof 133.400 square meters, it is a private enterprise integratingtea garden planting, fresh tea leaf purchase, primary processing,refinement processing and export packaging. It has threesubcompanies and 26 tea primary processing factories with over 500employees, it has 56,000 mu of plantation base for export tea, andit is the largest green tea processing and exporting enterprise ofChina. The group possesses advanced production of chunmee greentea, it annually produces 35,000 tons of chunmee green tea with anannual output value of 500 million yuan, and its products are allexported, being sold far to Algeria and more than 20 countries andregions of Central Asia, etc.At present, the tea production and packaging workshop of thecompany are the largest one with the most advanced equipment inChina, the total area is 23,800 square meters, and the group hasintroduced over 1,500 sets of export packaging equipment forrefinement processing of tea, and the mechanized and standardizedoperation is implemented in the whole course.Main business of the company is export of chunmee green tea, whichis the superb product of mee tea and the main export tea variety ofChina. Chunmee series products of Lu’s Tea Group include 41022,4011, 9371, 9370, 9366, 3008 and 9380, etc., and it is sold far tomore than 20 countries, including Morocco, Algeria, Mali, Senegal,Cote d’lvoire, Niger and Nigeria, etc. Our product packages include25g, 100g, 250g/paper box, 250g, 500g/plastic bag, 5kg carbon and5kg wood case, etc. Lu’s chunmee series has great output, goodquality, quick supply of goods and reasonable price, and it is wellaccepted by customers at home and abroad.Company News:From November 8 to November 17, 2015, general manager Yang Jinpingled Lu Xinhua and Yin Quanwei (et.al) of export department to go toDubai Mei Dan Conference Center, they attended International Coffee& Tea Festival 2015, and developed business investigation inDubai.As the second largest emirate of UAE, Emirate of Dubai is thebanking, economic and trade center of UAE, and it is also thecommercial and tourist center of entire Middle East, alwaysenjoying the good reputation of “Hong Kong” of the Middle East.International Coffee & Tea Festival is held yearly. It issponsored by United Arab Emirates IC&E International Conference& Exhibition Co., Ltd., and it is the largest host for coffeeand tea industry in the Middle East, for displaying the newestproducts and seeking important business opportunity, personnel ofcoffee and tea circles from more than 20 countries attend thegala.•    The company displayed a variety of chunmee teaseries products at the exhibition, and customers were deeplyimpressed by our advanced technique and tremendous strength.Meanwhile, the company representatives performed earnest exchangewith new customers, and introduced development circumstance of thecompany to new customers, performed very good communication andexchange with customers, and enhanced mutual trust on the basis offriendship.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Quanwei
  • Telephone :
  • Address : Baigaomiao Village, Qianjin Office, Yangshan New Zone, Xinyang, Henan, China,
  • Website : Visit website
  • Company Product

    • Chunmee Grade IV
    • Chunmee Grade Two
    • Chunmee Without Grade
    • Chunmee without grade
    • Soumee Grade III
    • Superfine Chunmee Grade I
    • Superfine Chunmee Grade II
    • Superfine Chunmee Special Grade
    • Superfine chunmee grade I
    • Superfine chunmee special grade