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  • Sellaton Ltd.

    Saletrom U. 5.

    We, the Sellaton Bentwoodfurniture Factory Inc. Are leading manufacturing and trading company in Hungary since 1907, producing bentwood furnitures; tables, chairs, sofas, upholstered products. We are only who use special Thonet technology. have a wide ...
  • Famives 2000 Kft

    10 Rozsa Sandor

  • Licit Ltd.

    Stadion koz 11

    We are molded plywood manufacturing and trading company. We manufacture around 200 thousand molded, curved, and bent plywood; plywood chairs, plywood seats,backs and shells yearly for our European and American customers.
  • Aritmo Bt

  • Takacs es Tarsa 55 Bt

    Lehel u. 48.

  • Centralwood Ltd.

    Istvanmezei ut 2 / c

  • Istvan Szalontai

  • Gutleber Ev.

    Kozepmezo u. 20.

  • Magicfloor Hungary Export Import Kft.

    Lajtha L. utca 2

    We are selling Magicfloor vinyl plank and tile products in Europe. The name means the high quality best price this region! Our areas Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Austria, Italy Switzerland right now. If you need any further information about our business ...
  • Ilona Abraham

    2 / a Kacsoh P.

  • Domokos Kapi

    Lajos 91.

  • Woody Ricart

    av st jean Brest,

    We have the cut firewood there is more than 2 years of Aulne type, Birch, Charms, Chene, Frene, beech , Merisier, Saule, Sycomore, Tilleul Tremble crossed in (1m; 50cm or 30cm and split on ask customer) 40� stere for important orders ster 30� . deliver all ...
  • Muba Naturfa Kft

    Kastelykert U. 101

  • Belafa kft

    Hunyadi u. 104

    Since 1993, we manufacture furniture product from leading European manufacturers of raw materials (Egger, Lechner, Blum). We mainly kitchen cabinet manufacturer, but can also other home or office ...
  • Radak Tibor E.V.

  • Teximpex04 Ltd

    Szechenyi u. 44 Agard,

  • Equator Interiors Ltd.

    Zsigmond Ter 10.

    We are an interior-design company established 10 years ago for property management. based in Budapest with a big showroom and stock selling great range of products interior designing. provide also services like designing to make our work complex. sell ...
  • Hoop Ltd

    Aladar 17

    HOOPS!Hoops are promotional and design products developeed from used tyres. The object provides seating possibilities at social gatherings, festivals parties, both indoors outdoors depending on the cover material. there many opportunities in Hoops, as ...
  • Kaldi-Ker Kft

    Bartok Bela street 6

  • Eshbilia

    Budai 46.