• AHP Hydraulika

    Robotnicka, Turcianske Teplice, Slovakia,03901

    AHP Hydraulika is a privat joint-stock company located in the heart of Europe Slovakia.Main activities are precise engeneering, production and sale axial piston pumps motors od earth-drilling mining tools.We produce units using state art technology ...
  • Ailes International Ltd.

    Mudronova 25

  • Ardaco

    slovinec 41, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Slovakia,84107

    As a specialist in the area of information security Ardaco group has developed unique worldwide patented technologies from the field of the mobile communication security and document protection.
  • BSM Consulting

    Martincekova 26, Bratislava, Slovakia,82109

    we offer an extinguishing spray BLIZZARD 400 mll, based on a newest technologies, it is perfect item for retailers, specialist or promotional agencies (put a logo of your client at cap)
  • OSTA Ltd.

    Priemyselna 1, Trnava, Slovakia

    We are a company trading and supplying automobile accessories such as LED undercar kits, neon lights and other visual car upgrades. We search for new customers from the area of automobile industry.

    Brusnicova 3299 / 7

    BlazeCut is a manufacturing company of fire suppression systems for protection valued assets in critical and harsh environments. Our are designed universal use very small as well larger enclosures. Based Slovakia, Central Europe, we provide solutions to ...
  • Prometeus-sl s.r.o.

    Levocska 35

    Company is located in Slovakia. We are first producement of fire hose At the present time our firm can offer several hundreds various technical devices, equipments and accessories for brigades rescue parties. Our also participates a production fighting ...
  • vip-security

    Kopcianska 14


    P.O. Box 32, Bratislava 4, Slovakia,84000

    We are working in the field of buildings, monitoring of persons, objects *****E-mail adress: *****
  • A.B.C.-Ing.Jozef Hariom Urban

    Durgalova 12 Bratislava,

    we proudly recommend to your attention ABSOLUTE NOVELTY in the world of cosmetic and dermatology-UNIQUE biovital transdermal collagen COSMECEUTICALS with cure effects on skin.Products are 100 percents natural - from freshwater fish skin not tested ...