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    sqr. Dunav 6B

    NRJSOFT Ltd. is a high-tech company, located in Ruse, Bulgaria We design, build and support systems for CCTV surveillance on any scale according to the requirements needs of our clients. With rich experiences good reputation this field, we have been ...
  • Hemeti

    Akademichna, Sofia, Bulgaria, Bulgaria,1231

    Hemeti Ltd was established in 1993 with an activity of fire and rescue technics - manufacturing, installation, maintenance training. Passive protection metal ***** company area is 8000m² -premises for storehouses, offices, shops center training.The ...
  • PXLSecurity Ltd.

    Vasil Levski 12, Sofia, Other, Bulgaria,1000

    Our company provides the service of security auditing variousnew web applications, sites and servers. The main goal is toconduct vulnerability assessment penetration testing on yourplatforms to identify all holes. We have formulated asolution that ...
  • DINI OTC Ltd

    Yanko Karagiaurov 4b

    DINI OTC is a distribution company supplying pharmacies with all kinds of products. Our situated in north-east Bulgaria main port Varna. channels are developed during the years and now we supply more then 1/4 Bulgarian pharmacy market. ...
  • Orvitex Industries Ltd.

    20-22 Zlaten rog

    ORVITEX INDUSTRIES Ltd, is a private Bulgarian company with main scope of activities in the field :Production construction materials and ecological products,Trade, representation,transfer technologies know-how.The research, designer's, ...
  • assist ltd

    bul.evropa 176, sofia, Bulgaria,1331

    manufacturerhigh qualityQUALIFIED STAFFlocation in Sofia, Bulgariadealers in many locationsprofessional engineering team
  • Texsan Medical Ltd.

    Industrial Area Borouna, Sandanski, Bulgaria,2800

  • ER-TE BG Ltd.

    Tzar Simeon 58, Burgas, Burgas, Bulgaria,8000

    Manufacturing, supply and assembly of Intercom / Doorphone systems ER-TE. For more informations please visit our web site - http://xxxxx;

    27, Tsar Simeon I

  • Ckat-Design studio

    Vapcarov 8, Silistra, Silistra, Bulgaria,7500

    We are a new company wich produced furnitures and parts for furnitures. We trade with goods conect with furnitures.We try to make a cotact with wholesale companies.
  • krago ltd.


  • Sectron Electronics Ltd.

    2 ; 5004, SOFIA, Other, Bulgaria,

  • Radema Co.

    Drujba-333-A-17, Pleven, Pleven, Bulgaria,5800

    Radema - is a dynamically developing Bulgarian private firm, distributor and installer of fire alarm equipment. The equipment the company offers based on precisely structured nomenclature items, designed for construction systems, which comply with high ...
  • Hemeti Ltd

    14 Akademichna

    Hemeti Ltd was established in 1993 with an activity of fire and rescue technics - manufacturing, installation, maintenance training. Passive protection metal structures.The company area is 8000 square meters -premises for manufacturing hose cabinets, ...
  • Synchron-S

    19A Krakra Str., Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria,1504

    SYNCHRON-S Ltd was founded in 1992 with activity the field of engineering and manufacturing Safety & Security Systems. With more than 2500 completed projects sites all types SYNCHRON-S is one leading Bulgarian companies on security technology market. ...
  • MARS Armor Ltd.

    Distr. Poleto 2

    MARS Armor Limited is a new kind of company, dedicated to providing personal protection solutions. Our philosophy produce no-frills armor equipment combining ballistic integrity and maximum utility so that you can accomplish your mission. Nowadays our ...

    128A Dimitar Petkov Str

    Polimex Holding LTD was established in 1994 and is specialized two main directions: Import delivery of systems components, warranty out support products for access control time & attendance systems, video surveillance (CCTV), guard tour checking RFID ...
  • Motor expert Ltd.

    Cvetan Lazarov, Sofia, Bulgaria,1582

    It\'s a company for Car Audio, Security Car Systems, Diagnostic and other . We are situated in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • AD HOLD Ltd

    Voinishka 5 A

    AD HOLD HOLDING Co. Ltd. Is a company with private capital only, registered as Holding Company under the Commercial Low of Republic Bulgaria on 15 February 1993, having objectives: Participation in other companies or their management and carrying out its own ...
  • Pana Trading

    Other, Bulgaria,

    is a pocket-sized, hand held device for the detection of wide variety explosives including, but not limited to, TNT, dynamite, ammonite (diesel), PETN,RDX, gunpowder,Semtex,C4,T.A.P,T.A.T.P.and all nitro based explosives.Sniffex®plus works on ...