• MS Electronics

    1113, Metro-palace, 498-5, Dapsimni 5-dong Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

    We can offer the following items for you.- HDMI, AV, PC, Medical and automotive cable series- Many kinds of connectors- PCB (Special offer)- Shielding Bag (for PCB, HDD, Pannel so on)- EtcWe, MSE is doing our best to creat a win-win business via quality, ...
  • Heakwang Trading

    224, Changwon Core Bld., Sangnam-dong Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

    How are you? Welcome to visit our web-site as the "Power and energy saving equipment provider". Here you can find information about products. You also send us inquiries post comments company We hope enjoy. ...
  • Group Ace

    #805 Luchi-olar Bldg. Sangdong Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do

    Our professional field is the Paint-Equipment Plant. We did export to many other countries long time and have vary the Infra, so give more your satisfaction.
  • Hyundai Forging Ind. Co., Ltd.

    431-29, Gasul-ri, Daisan-Myon Changwon , Gyeongsangnam-do

    Hyundai Forging Ind. Co., Ltd. is the company which produces and supplies forging products of free-forging or semi-forging in chemical plan, shipbuilding, shipping industrial plant, a machine tool other industrials. We as followings ++ Industrial ...
  • E.M.S.Trading Inc.

    NA-1425 Joong-ang yutong 1258 Guro-bondong Guro-ku, Seoul

    We are one of importers & exporters in Korea.We dealing with Automation Controls products,example for Ammeter, voltmeter, Current transformer,contactors,push buttons,etc...So,we writing you a keen desire to enter into business relationships you.If ...
  • FOKS Co., Ltd.

    473-2 Motae-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

    Welcome ! Welcome to our e-catalog home.Here, you can find information about our products. You can also send us inquiries and post comments about our company and products. We hope you enjoy your visit.
  • Hit Korea Co., Ltd.

    #1202 Anam-tower, 702-10, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

    HIT EMI. has become one of the fastest growing manufacturers in field power plugs, cable assemblies, and wiring harnesses. Being pioneers market, el. created its corporate reliability brand name recognition for high quality standards dependability.World ...
  • Dongwoo Electric Corp.

    Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center #906-5 Lui-dong, Yeongtong-gu Suwon, Gyeonggi-do

    This is newly registered company and its company description will be updated shortly. Please revist in the near future.
  • HyOn Systems Co., Ltd.

    600, Gamjeong-dong, Gyeonggi-do, Gimpo-si, , Gyeonggi-do

    IT market makes a remarkale for past some years and the world changes day by developemnt in wireless technologies. HyOn Systems Co., Ltd. started sailing with total RF solution which contains research, development manufacturing from moudle unit to ...
  • Won Plus Co., Ltd.

    24B-14L, Namdong Industial complex, 451-13, Nonhyun-dong Namdong-gu, Incheon

    Wonplus specializes in the development and manufacturing of electronic ballasts for HID lamps, electric power automation system, factory various water treatment building environmental facility other industrial systems. We promise to put our best ...
  • Phoenix Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Rm 2C-59, COEX, Korea World Trade Center Gangnam-gu, Seoul

    Phoenix Industrial CO., LTD. is specialized in manufacturing and exporting electric light bulb, compact fluorescent energy saving lamp,fluorescent lamp, halogen Ionizing air purifier lamp adapter, color dynamic led nightlight, handy-lite with PL 9W ...
  • Hunatech Co., Ltd.

    388-2, Youngmun-ri, pogok-eup, cheoin-gu, Yongin-si,, Gyeonggi-do

    The HUNATECH Edge-Lit System provides some highly beneficial alternatives to the traditional deep box filled with fluorescent fixtures, ballast and milky reflective surfaces. Some key features are:- No Fluorescent bulb hotspots- bulky depth- Bendable ...
  • Dragon Precision Tools Co., Ltd.

    36-11L, Namdong Industrial Complex, Namdong-gu, Incheon

    The dragon precision Tools Co., Ltd was established to produce the best gear cutting tools for automobiles and industrial machinery in 1976. And we are one of leading tool manufacturer a group hob milling cutter especially. Since have steadily grown through ...
  • Snp Motos

    Jinan-dong 871-11 Hwasung, Gyeonggi-do

    I Want to purchase your product.How can i order your product EDC 15?How Much ?Please give me answer.
  • YouYang Airportlighting Equipment ,INC

    kwangyang-dong Anyang Si,

    we are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of airport lighting products such as runway lighting for civilian & military airports
  • Dong-Do Tech Co.,Ltd

    #202 Bowon-Building, Yeongtong-Dong,Yeongtong-Gu Suwon-city, Gyeonggi-do

    all of product electronics coil and teansformer, and telecummcation .We are manufactore and samsung electronics co.,ltd of OEM .
  • Korea Motoyama Inc.

    116-11, Geumgog-dong Seo-gu, Incheon

    Welcome to KOMOTO website.How important is quality and how much it worthWe emphasize the word "Complete Control" because we have firmly belieced that been addressing ourselves manay of problems continue ignore.Our technical innovation ...
  • Delta I/O Co., Ltd.

    Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center #906-5 Lui-dong, Yeongtong-gu Suwon, Gyeonggi-do

    Established in May 1988, we specialize manufacturing signal transmitters. As a leading manufacturer of interface field top making the transmitter field, have developed 180 competitive items an 18-model series including DC-3000 and DV-NET Series ...
  • Korea Tokyo Silicon Co., Ltd.

    973-4, Yangdeok-dong Masan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

    Our company was established at the Masan Free Trade Zone (formerly Export Zone) in 1972. Under motto: "We aim to be an indispensable part of people\'s lives all over world," we have been producing semiconductors and supplying them domestic foreign ...
  • Trulife Electronics Inc.

    138-3, Myeonmok2-dong jungnang , Seoul

    We, Trulife Electronics Inc., are very pleased to introduce our company as one of the leading manufacturer and exporter Cordless Rechargeable Hair Straightener in Korea. Under motto " My own lifestyle ", we have devoted yourself provide customers ...