Companies in Nicaragua

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  • Mercadeo Integral, S.A.

    Santa Margarita No. 5

    We are a Nicaraguan trading company . We have three main lines of products: Hard woods, sea products and trading of close out of textiles from central an north america
  • Emilio Molina

    Cafe Trinchera, jinotega, nicaragua, Nicaragua,

    We are coffee growers and exporter,we would like to export our roasted,we have own plantations roasting facilities.We looking for new markets.We excellent quality of organic that we grow . ...
  • Opportunity Nicaragua

    Km 48, Granada, Granada, Nicaragua,0000

    We are a company with many producers in the Nicaragua production line, therefore we have access to finest yuca and beans area. has great quallity terrains, land availabillity introducing procedures so can produce of products. ...
  • Pitsa

    km 11.2 carr masaya Managua, Managua

    We are a producer vetiver we want to sell the pure oil of good quality. We produce in Nicaragua. Please contact us.
  • Rio Grande

    5, Managua, Managua, Nicaragua,0000

    Rio Grande Organics was founded in 2000. It deals with the growing and exporting of cardamom, lemongrass, coffee, and neem of high quality at the ***** information contact us at 00+505+84286610 or email us at *****
  • Rebram General Trading BV


  • Industrias Casey Welch S.A.

    Apartado Postal # 27 Juigalpa, Chontales

    The Casey Welch´s Beef Jerky Company makes their beef jerky with the very best thinly sliced available. We then marinate in highest quality natural ingredients. remains marinade until has soaked up ingredients to insure maximum flavor. Once is ready, it ...
  • Rickenbacker Trading

    28836 La Corona, Hayward, ca, Nicaragua,94544

    We are currently offering a variety of products from Nicaragua and Peru.Here is few that we ready to ship you:Mango, Olives, Organic Banana, Papaya, Paprika, Peanuts, Pecan, Pineapple, Pitahaya others ...
  • Adictos Coffee S.A

    Esteli, Esteli, Esteli, Nicaragua,00000

    We are a exporter company stablished in Nicaragua for show to theworld the best quality of products from this country. We workwith producers effect supply chain. The quality, the efficiency is our promise customers.We work focus market and integrated ...
  • Reptilia, Inc

    # 468 10201 Hammocks Blvd Suite 153 Miami, Fl,

    Manufacturers of fine leather goods, specialty Crocodile, lizard,ostrich and leather belts.contract manufacturing is also available.


    Presently exporting our peanuts to: Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Taiwan, UK, Poland, The Netherlands.Our average crop accounts to 45000 metric tons of farmer stock equivalent 29000 raw exportable and 2500 4000 are ...
  • AB Representaciones S.A:

    km 16.8 Carretera Masaya Casa k-29 Managua, Managua

    International TraderLogisticExport IMportAgriculture commoditiesWith more than 10 years experience in Ocean Transportation & Logistics. Looking for business opportunites the whole world. Selling and Buying Commodities. ...
  • Nas Mobile World Ent.

    5, hundmdj st.

    We are an import / export and allied services company located in Nigeria. interested exportation of saseme seeds, gum arabis, locust beans, soyabeans, karkade (hibiscus) , honey, tapioca, onions other agricultural products from nig. ...
  • Arrosa

    905 Calle Atravezada Granada, Granada

    We are a Rice Mill company that have rice and sorghum plantations in addition we raise dairy and beef cattle.
  • Defunct co

    12345 street, kookoo, kookooland, Nicaragua,1234

    Please help yourself to as much as you want my dog regularly produces, it is as valuable as the offers posted on this site.
  • XAGRO S.A.

    Km 11 Carretera to La Union

    XAGRO is a grower, buyer, processor, packer, distributor, and exporter of fresh tropical roots, fruits, coconuts grown in Nicaragua. Our products are sold to importers, brokers, institutional buyers, food manufactures, large grocery chains throughout ...

    c.masaya, managua, Nicaragua,

  • Henrik's Agro Nica Produce, S.A.


    HANPSA grows, harvest, processes, packs pulp or IQF packagestaylored to our customer needs ONLY the highest quality organicproduce. Our main product is Red Flesh Dragon Fruit (either in pulpor fresh fruit)  but we also export Lady Papaya, Soursop(annona ...
  • sega Internacional y Cia Ltda

    de Bancentro 4 al sur

    we are trading broker for import /export needs
  • Exfausa

    Km 4.5 C Norte, Managua, Nicaragua, Nicaragua,00000

    CITES approved reptile breeder located in Nicaragua, Central America, specially intereseted in markets in the US, Europe and Asia
  • Don Sae S.A

    Semaforos del montoya 3c al lago,1c abajo,1/2c al sur Managua, Managua

    Dear Sir.We are the large distributor of autoparts in Nicaragua.We looking for largest Korean car(Hyundai,Kia,Daewoo) China.We would like to close a long term contract with relaible supplier. Kindly contact us your complete profile so we can review it and ...
  • Phoenix Lumber S.A.

    Carretera a Masaya Km 8.5 Managua, Managua

    Phoenix Lumber S.A. is a newly formed company that markets and sells tropical hardwoods, specifically from Nicaragua. In September 2007, Hurricane Felix devastated over 1.6 million hectares (2 acres) of previously protected rain forest. The Nicaraguan ...