• Michael Wilkins Corp.

    301 SW 10 Avenue th.

  • Urbanrose

    100 Beekman Street

    Designer & supplier of victorian style brass glass jewelry and components. Mainly lockets, photo filigiree. Our retail web is www.urbanrose.com our supplies www.urbanrose.etsy.com. Please contact us direct for bulk quantities. ...
  • Fallons Jewelry

    167 Lilac drive


    3333 Kings Rd

    Specialist for European and American Designer Jewelry collections number 1 stop elegant affordable jewelry. JEWELS by REGINA is official dealer the following designer brands:European Charm Bead brands in desirable PANDORA style like: CARLO BIAGI, ...
  • Miracle Works

    Northwest Indiana.

    I am a wholesaler of freshwater pearls. based in the United States, but have distributor overseas. can get most any kind pearl jewelry. Just contact me with details what you are looking for. ...

    5990 Sw. 21st

  • YH Jewelry Collection

    3809 Broadway

    Founded by Yudelka Herrera, YH Jewelry Collection is dedicated to crafting unique, stylish Larimar gemstone jewelry. We have strong business ties with manufacturers, which enable us provide you the best selection of stones directly from source. By invoking ...
  • Elite Sales, INC.

    9445 S. W. 40th Street

  • Final Touch Distributing

    10211 Pines Blvd. # 153

  • The Diamond Palace, Inc

    190 S. W. 13 Ave. Apt. 208

  • EM.Golden Pearls Co.Ltd

    Dongge Rad

  • Kerusso Design

    6160 Firestone Blvd. Unit 104 Pmb 109

    We specialize in distributing and working along side all business entities to create silicone bracelets for any occasion: Fundraising, non-profit companies, events, employees programs, promotional schools, camps retreat centers, performing artists, ...
  • Clip It, Inc.

    3760 Lawrenceville Rd

  • Intercept Silver And Jewelry Care LLC

    10 County Line Rd.

    Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Company is the Technology Group's exclusive authorized worldwide distributor of anti-corrosion and anti-tarnish products for silver jewelry industries. Our incorporate Corrosion Static Intercept, Lucent ...
  • DiamondsRUnique

  • Capital Investment & Construction


    'Capital Invest& Construction' strongly believes in team effort. We understand that the combined strength of far exceeds effort individual. Pursuant with understanding our firm offers its extensive construction expertise to other firms and ...
  • life support staffing


  • Opalcolors Oregon

    Po Box 674

    We are a small family business. have been mining with group of friends and at Opal Butte Oregon for almost 10 years creating one the largest collections in world. now Sunstone also large supply rare purple agate called "amethyst sage" from Nevada. ...
  • Padmavati Diamonds USA

    41W 47th Street

  • Jenn's Gems

    9850 S. Maryland #5-432

    I find that working with the different colors and textures comprise gemstones is very therapeutic. Being able to create something of beauty purpose quite fulfilling for both my customer myself. it essential help people, in some small way, believe am. I ...