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    We are the trading company of the worldwide famous Baltic treasure called AMBER. Selling the gemstone is one of our business branches.

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    We are the manufacturers and a hand-crafters from Lithuania we been producing amber necklaces jewelry Baltic more than 5 years. well experienced in exports sales overseas our professionals known by products whole world. In all only use GENUINE AND QUALITY ...


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  • JSC "RMD Linija"

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    We offer the big choise of Baltic Amber products - silver jewelry,amber gold jewelry, amber stones, beads, bracelets, amuletes, not polished healthful products, statues, with insects, bussines gifts and more.Please do hesitate to contact us for any ...

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    MB Amberos was founded in Palanga, the Lithuanian capital of amber. Since Lithuania regained independence early 90s our family business went both global and large scale. We currently maintain deep partnerships with retailers distributors that extend from ...
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  • MB Gintarine Dovana

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    Our company sell amber from ukraine , baltic region,also we produse amber products: beads pendants drops barrels and etc. We are waiting for your orders :)
  • GloLi, LTD

    GloLi, Ltd Company - a well-established wholesaler of Amber Jewellery. We are located in Lithuania and have years experience working world -wide. We fast growing company with good record. Our currently operates from 2 main offices, Latvia. serve directly to ...
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  • AmberTeething


    Natural Baltic Amber teething necklace for babies Beautiful baby beads. Very cool looking necklaces made of baltic amber gemstone beads that make a very unique gift both parents and child. has be known to reduce acidity in the human body totally natural way. By ...

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    Our company sell amber from Ukraine, Baltic region, also we produce amber products: Beads; Pendants; Drops; Barrels, and etc. We are waiting for your orders, Sincerely, Amber Fraction
  • Timbervilla

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    Dear Sir / MadamWe are company in Lithuania specializing making and exporting various item from wood. We offering: hand made (Scandinavian style) log house, wooden bath tubs, wood solid furniture, toys, souvenirs, paillettes accessorys. make buildngs for ...

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