• Gaby Joias Ltda

    Rua Celso Laval, 76

    Manufacturer company of semi precious stones and jewelry. We are specialized on mining rough agateand amethyst cathedrals and geodes, agate druzys.
  • FCC Pacific Trading

    Al do Casarao 125

    Amazon Cosmetics produce diferent kind of cosmetics with oils and essences, a high quality control formula.FCC Pacific Trading company are in comodities markets selling sugar, coffee other agriculture products. We represents jewelry underwear ...
  • Brazilian Style

    Olavo Bilac

    We are an Export Company in the South of Brazil and have been marketing Brazilian natural stones, beach fitness wear, lingerie silver jewelery with semi precious stones. sold to USA, New Zealand Germany. expect deal many other countries. also able develop new ...
  • Click-brazil

    Av. Portugal 1690 Sl 151

    Typical Brazilian Art is now available for you through Click BrazilBio jewelries lines and handcraft pieces which are developed manufactured using natural s elements that extracted from biosystem. All the ecological correctly environmentally ...
  • MKWInt'l

    Rua Coronel Jairo Pereira, 499

    We sell Brazilian Gemstones: Aquamarines, Tourmaline, Saphire, Rhodolite, and most Brazilian colored gems. Please enquire. Located in Minas Gerais, Brazil, we also deal with granite and other minerals.
  • Yochi do Brasil imports


    We have a large quantity of precious stones for export
  • koga junior

    Srtvs Qd 701 Bl O Sl 735


    Booker Pitmann, 149

    Gaia makes biojewel craftily and natural elements predominate.The resourses offered by the nature are extracted in sustainable form, without interference to a Brazilian biosistem. Many seeds, wood, fibers, coconut, stones, mother of pearl, bamboo other ...
  • Caredan

    Rua Joao Gualberto Filho

  • Mizar


    Mizar is especialized in the creation of rhodium plated 950 silver jewelry. well admired throughout Brazil brings together a variety colors and semi precious stones native to with same craftsmanship devotion dedicated attention given jewelry gold ...
  • S.Martin

    Rua Venancio Aires,2782

    S. Martin is a world-class company for mining, lapidary and selling brazilian gemstones. The s. mines, located in the south of brazil, are recognized quality its stones. In special citrines produced this area claimed to be best all over world. Our gems ...
  • Re-sertorio

    Rua Riodades 145 Bl3 1301

  • dentalarte imp. exp. lda.

    Pernambuco St 227

    Company stabilished in 2001 in order to create, import, distribute and sell inovative products on dental market. Our goal is to provide motivational and educacional dental products to our clients.


    Retail and WholeSale Jewelry in Eco, Steel, Silver 925 Gold 18k.Retail: http://www.luxjoias.com/index.php?language=enWhole Sale: http://catalog.luxjoias.com/index.php?language=enThe LUXJOIAS is a company e-commerce of MFORMULA INFORMATICA ...
  • J & F Comercial Ltda

    Rua Dep. Moreira Da Rocha 329a

    We buy and sell in Brasil. are looking for wholesale of tools supplies jewelry, like weight scale. Brush, sawblade, drawplate, abrasive, buff, burs, pliers, box jewels, stones, files, shafts, tanita scale, diamond & moissanite tester, precious metal, ...
  • Pantanal

    Av CAiapo

  • Folheados Brasil


    Semi Jewelry, Customized pieces, Cheap Prices. For buyers sellers and deallers.

    Prado Junior

    my company is specialized in selling mining areas all over Brazil. we are wholesalers diamonds and gemstones.
  • Uso Obrigatorio

    Rua Luis de Melo Maia, 44

    Criativity and Quallity allied make Uso Obrigatorio stands out from other competitors. Designed, handcrafted finished by Brazilian hands, assures you a product 100% made in Brazil.As company our goal is to offer unique customers order ensure that the ...
  • Inovacode International Business

    Av. Nossa Senhora Do Carmo, 1890

    We're reprentative and responsible for international business a company called fortfrio. A many years on the market we're firsts to create produce vertical ice cream dealer. On our website you can foud products Recently we start negociate with ...