• DreamKo

    SungMin B / D# 410 299-7 SongNae Dong SosaKu

    DreamKo has supplied the home appliances and goods for bath room together with eco friendly handy fire extinguisher.Nowadays most customers require merchandise especially.This is worldwide trend trying to meet customer needs.Our goal that supplies ...
  • Daejoo Electronic Materials Co., Ltd


  • Miraion Corporation

    Pil-dong 3ga, Jung-gu

  • Clover Marine Services Co.,LTD.

    No. 1007-7 bangeo-dong Dong-ku Ulsan korea


    412-2, Jubuk-Ri, Yangji-Myeon, Yongin-SI

    Over 30 year of endeavoring in Corrugated Stainless Steel Tube Technologies since 198,we have been specialized for manufacturing and developing CSST (helical & annular type) which are renowned its worldwide patents. Now, Dong-A is the Fuel gas piping ...
  • PARATECH (Paradise Industry)

    Paradise Industry was established in 1973 with the corporate philosophy of "company that contributes to human society by protecting lives and property against fire." For past 40 years, has been continuously making efforts on high quality ...
  • Tongil Industries Co., Ltd.

    603-5, Daechun-dong

    Tongil Industries Co., Ltd is one of the worldwide leading company Crosslinked P.E/P.P foam, Non-Crosslinked P.E foam and P.S products we are manufacturing various types other plastics foams to be used in varied business, govermental industrial ...
  • Finetec Corp

    329-3, Boche-ri, Miyang-myeon, Anseong-si

  • Daejin Sanup Co.

    Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea,

    We are Daejin Sanup Co. based in , South Korea. We member ofTradeKey.com since April, 2014. Our business is related to Security& Protection industry and we specifically deal firesprinkler drops. Please find our product details below: One TouchBracket Touch ...
  • Perfect-Korea.Co., Ltd.

    Rm.510 Victoria Bldg. 705-1, Yeoksam-dong

    We are R&D manufacturer of the neutral reinforced fire-extinguishing agent(water-soluble liquid). developed its applying products such as portable extinguishers(3 different sized models in aluminium cans), furnishing/hand-operating ...
  • Paradise Industry Co., Ltd.

    683-116, Hannam-Dong, Yongsan-Gu

    Dear Sir / Madam As a leading manufacturer in the field of Fire protection equipment Korea, We, PARADISE INDUSTRY CO. LTD., are manufacturing qualified Sprinklers Valves Sprinkler Joints CPVC Automatic Extinguiser Easy System Clean Agent Gas Water Spray Air ...
  • BuonoAir

    Room 338, Ankuk Bldg 3F, 595-1, Sinsa-dong

  • Daemmstoff Industrie Korea Ltd.

    1506-1,Dadae-dong ,Saha-gu

  • Busan National University Trade Incuvator Center

    Kemjunggu Jang Jun Dong

    A-one Co., Ltd. Has developed environment friendly fire extinguishing material which can protect your life, property, and environment. The A-one119 portable extinguisher(under 0.7L) 340ml has acquired the certificate from Korea Fire Equipment ...
  • Dae Han Sheet Metat Co., Ltd.



    # 702-1

  • Dong Bang Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd.

    DONGBANG B/D,147-7,Songpa-dong ,Songpa-gu

  • S.M.B Co., Ltd

    200-15,Hoedong-dong ,Geumjeong-gu

  • Jet Engineering Co., Ltd.

    2-20,Horim-dong ,Dalseo-gu

  • Masteco Industry Co., LTD

    715-12,148bl-13lt, Gojan-dong, Namdong-ku,

    We, Masteco Industry Co., Ltd., inheriting the former Korea Halon have been manufacturing and supplying those fire extinguishing equipment protection Clean Agent in this market since 1984. Being nothing to worry about earth environmental pollution, we ...