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  • ucars sprl

    Molenstraat 109


    Rue Rodenbach, 69 B-1190 Brussels, Belgium

    in many case, we need to shows the results of our measurements and treatments to our customer - mainly in water treatment plant or breweries water traetment.
  • Ecquitus

    277, Rue de Tilff, Angleur, Liège

    Ecquitus is an equitable economy company. (Please note that we are not a fair-trade For further information, visit the moment looking for partners share our values, with creative, innovative, and eco-friendly products. ...

    Deerlijkseweg, Waregem, Belgium,8790

    We are a company in Belgium dealing with wiping rags and also paper non-wovens. We producing these products ourselves. continuously sell buy cotton rags. always interested finding new suppliers buyers ...
  • Eco Wave Trade


  • Dewilde BVBA

    Potyzestraat 54

  • International Aquatreat Co bvba

    Industrial Zone B-122, Nieuwland 15, Aarschot, Belgium, Belgium,3200

    For more than 30 years AQUATREAT ® designs, develops and produces chemicals for industrial water treatment.Aquatreat is your specialist in treatment of cooling water, boiling process drinking membrane technology. ...
  • bel asia sprl

    Rue Du Vallon, 44b

  • plastictruscrap

    opland humpfied lasdrose

  • salestradeplastic

    modern rockbase greenspace

  • Atravet

    mosten 17

    atravet: We collect, melt, filter and decant used coocking/frying vegetable oil and animal fat. ffa - 5% impurities -1% sutable for biodiesel an glycerin able to sell every by minimum order 30 metric ton
  • Topcom

    Grauwmeer 17 Haasrode,

    Topcom: located in Belgium (for europe)Voice productsData productsLifecare productsBabycare products
  • RMR Group


    My name is Kevin from RMR group and I am the assistant of thesales manager. Please require what kind materials (plastic, paper, rubber, etc)are you looking for by contacting directly Sales Manager . He will offer with pictures details whatsappor ...
  • Universal Fibres BVBA

    Keerbergsesteenweg 63

    Given the ease of access and interconnectivity all participants in various processes, supply raw material for paper industry has developed into a veritable worldwide market. From our European location we are currently developing business United States ...

  • hdplasticscrap

    contrade halery close 16-18


    Jan Bolstraat 79

  • Gpmglass

    10 Grand Place

    Project Management for the Glass Industry * Turn-key projects * Engineering implementation and supervision management Used Equipment Machinery Our list second hand material is changing from day to day. On this website, you will find latest update. The ...
  • Bauwelinck

    E.V.Hoofstatstraat Antwerp,

    I am looking for a manufacturer ( not a wholesaler) of solarcollectors with heatpipes near the airport of Shanghai who would like to do business with Belgium.Best regards
  • Rangolee Bvba

    25-27 Appelmaanstraat

    LOCATION: Rangolee is strategically located in Antwerp (Belgium), the crossroads to all global trade. We put emphasis a) on time delivery, b) minimum price, and c) customer feedback. PRODUCTS: deals following products with stock available (for other ...