• Priorate Ltd.

    69 Dzerzhinsky ave., bld.2, office 40A Minsk,

    Priorate Ltd. is a company from Minsk City, Belarus (Eastern Europe). It engaged in trading activities mostly with CIS counties and China, but open to any kind of reliable trustful cooperation. We are responsible our work. Generally can offer products (goods) ...
  • GosMS

    Nez Minsk,

    We can offer you direct deliveries from the manufacturer. are in East Europe. Belarus. The production corresponds to world standards of quality. powder milk as FCMP ( Full Cream Milk Powder), SMP Skimmed Powder ), butter, cheese, condensed milk, cottage ...
  • Glybokski Malochnokonsorvni Zavod

    Lenina street, 131 Glybokoe, Vitebskaya

    The largest manufacturer of dairy products in Belarus and SNG.Poluchen certificate compliance to ISO 9001-STB 2001.Osnovnaya deyatelst: production tinned milk, skimmed whole milk powder 25% fat., Butter, products, hard cheese rennet, cheese, soft ...
  • Becker-system

    Lepeshinskogo street, 7 Gomel, gomelskaya

    Joint Belarus-Germany company "Becker-System was established Sept. 15, 1993. From the first day of work defined by high-quality products conforming to construction and industrial standards in Belarus, Russia Germany. This determined main ways ...
  • Glubokskiy Milkcannefdfood Kombinat

    Lenina, 131 Glubokoe, Vitebsk region

    Milk processing, formulation and implementation of tinned milk, whole milk, skimmed and dried whole milk, cheese, butter, etc. product
  • OJSC Savushkin Product

    108 Yanki Kupaly Brest, Belarus

    The company is a leading dairy products manufacturer in Belarus and well-known exporter in the post Soviet Union territory and other countries.
  • Kletskmilk

    Privokzalnaya street, 6 Kletsk, Minskaya

    The main activities of JSC "Klecka krynachka": - Production complex processing milk and dairy raw materials in the butter, skimmed milk, whole products, dessert destination. Providing services for other materials, storage distribution ...
  • Bellakt JSC

    133, Oktyabrskaya st. Volkovysk, Grodno region

    Founded in 1970 Bellakt JSC is the only producer of dry baby food Belarus and one largest producers milk products CIS. The company produces FCMP, SMP, sweet whey powder, formulas, specialized for pregnant women nursing mothers, cereals with fruit flavors. ...
  • Karpuk

    Janki Kupaly Brest, Brest region

    Nowadays OJSC «Savushkin product» is one of the most well-known dairy production manufacturers in Republic Belarus. Of late company produces juices as well.The products are to Russian buyer, exported Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova ...
  • Lary Ice

    Cheluskincev 105 Mogilev, Mogilev

    The Lari Ice company - the Belarusian modern innovative of international level with royal standards production and wide range unique production.The let-out range: Flavoures straws for milk "MuMi". These are cocktail sweet granules in different ...
  • Maslosyrzavod

    Partizanskaya street, 1 Verhnedvinsk, Vitebskaya

    Skill Verkhnedvinsk masters perfected over the years. From generation to by accumulated years of experience. The quality and taste our products are known many Belarusians is due fact that each item prepared with love warmth. We must give cheese makers - they ...
  • Polotskmilk

    Frynze street, 35 Polotsk, Vitebskaya

    JSC "Polotsk Dairy Plant" - one of the largest enterprises Vitebsk region milk processing. The head factory Vladimir JACKIEWICZ. Production biography enterprise began on Dec. 30, 1987 with introduction commissioning Polotsk Plant. In ...
  • Gwens Quality Dairy Products

    45 Mogilevry Street. Minsk, Minsk

    MARGARINE:Specification:Golden Yellow color, Easy to transport, stock and use. Low cost. no trans fatty acid good aroma taste after baking.* Advantage:no or choletrol,linoleic,acid-rich* Packing:15kg/carton(37cm*27cm*20cm)* Usage: widely used in ...