• chamobad

    L. Pertz St

    solutions for sites and borders security,control tracing technologies,monitoring of moving objects images,day & night observation systems,airport strategic site special security systems,intelligent perimeter border fences,police intelligence ...
  • Afik Group P.K. Ltd.

    3 Lapid Street

    Afik Group P.K. Ltd. develops & manufactures the world reknowned brand of High Quality Bullet Proof Vests Protective Clothing trusted by Armed Forces, Police Units, Security Organizations and Regular Civilians around world, RED EAGLE. The EAGLE Body Armor ...

    20 A galgaly haplada st

    Sentinel Tactical Gear provides top-quality equipment for law enforcement, military and homeland security agencies. Providing them with the tools to complete their missions safely effectively. The product line includes a full range of police duty gear, ...
  • JRC

    Hahoslim St

  • Binogad LTD

    Kibuts Yad Mordechai

    About The Company: Pure & Natural Oil Co. was established with the goal to provide you natural, healthy quality oil from a trusted source. Our wonderful, luxurious oils are cold pressed 100% organic seeds for use in our food products, cosmetics and dietary ...
  • Kata Ltd.

    Ohaliav St #3

    KATA designs, Develops and manufactures quality, state- of-the-art protection solutions: offers advanced products for clients all around the world Police, Armies, Special forces, Anti- terror units, Secret services Medical rescue teams. All of them are ...
  • ZAHAL - IDF online store

    Pobox 137

    We specialize in products that were developed by and for the Israeli security forces. sell combat vests harnesses, bullet proof vests, gun rifle accessories from top manufacturers Israel. also canvas boots of special forces, bodyguard light jackets, winter ...
  • Bon-Sani Ltd


  • Israeli Weapons LTD

    Pinsker 61 / 4

    We are Internet Marketing Department of Israeli Weapons LTD. LTD is one the biggest companies in field that manufactures COMBAT PROVEN equipment for IDF and other military organizations around world. ...