• Sano Wart Gourp

    yujing mansion west 5th zhangdian Zibo, Shandong

    Sano Wart Group is a professional company engaged in refrigerant gas and PTFE product. Our factory the biggest north China. The main products include R22, R32, R125, R134a, R134a replacements, R141b, R142b, R152, R401a, R404a, R406a, R407c, R410a, R415a/b, ...
  • Chuang Xin Mao Yi Co.,Ltd

    minda road Putian, Fujian

    our company is a good company,we sell the best cloths and shoes and cap.if you want order something you contact
  • Guangzhou Renown Chemical Co.,Ltd

    Gangwan Road,Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong ,China Guangzhou, Guangdong

    Guangzhou Renown Chemical Co.,Ltd. is the professional supplier of basic chemicals (ethylene, propylene, acetylene, syngas, ammonia, methanol, sulfuric acid, chloride, caustic soda, etc.), industrial chemicals, intermediates ...
  • Sadlkjfjd11sdd.Af11adsf.Tld

    ddd Lasa, Xizangzizhiqu

  • Pingxiang City Tianxiang Ceramics Co.,Ltd

    Quantang Village Xiangdong Pingxiang, Jiangxi

    Pingxiang is the main productive base of chemical industry and industrial ceramics in Jiangxi province China. Our company (previous named Xiangdong Industrial Ceramics Manufacturing) core enterprise producing all kinds ceramics. We have rich technical ...
  • Kemii Plasticbucke Industry Co.,Ltd

    fewaferf Tianjin, Tianjin

    Plastic Bucket Manufacturers, Plastic Buckets Suppliers, www.plasticbucketmanufacturers.comPlastic Bucket Manufacturers, Plastic Buckets Suppliers, www.plasticbucketmanufacturers.com
  • Rwerwerw

    ftgggdfgs Guangzhou, Guangdong

    True color printing co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer specialized in luxury paper shopping bag and gift boxes . We have over ten years experience the of high quality ...