Companies in Ukraine

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  • Juspain.Co LTD

    3 Sotsialistychna Street kyiv, center

    We are manufacturing and supplying companycontact us with your email if interested in our product we shall accommodate request. Please endeavour to leave address contact phone number ease communication you.We this hall also appreciate you can specify the ...
  • Expotour

    Geroev Stalingrada 14-G

  • Stablo Hills

    Kotlyarevskogo St 11 Poltava Poltava, Poltava

    You\'re Satisfaction is guaranteed as we treat all contracts with respect of it\'s terms and conditions regards to cost, consistency supply quality parameters highly welcome long term contracts. We are willing, able ready you product types at whole sale ...
  • NOEMA Ltd.

    prospect Peremogi, 77/1, office 3 Kiev,

    We are trade firm. Our business is advertising products, promotion products and gifts. Want to establish own production: silk printing, tampo printing, laser engraving. We are looking to supplies. Sergey.
  • Kira Chemicals Company

    11-B Riznytska Street Kyiv, Kyiv

    Uranium We offer for sale Uranium (quality 93%) from Ukraine.Price is "Negotiable" US$ per kg FOB
  • SPD Oseledets

    1 Ekaterinenskaya str 15 Odessa,

    Our company is engaged in development, production and sale of equipment and electronic devices of dental and cosmeti.
  • Zammler


  • Center of Strategic Development of Areas LLC

    109 Hetmanska Melitopol, Zaporizhzhya region

    “SSK-engineering” company is a diversified enterprise that operates in the south of Ukraine (Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions). Company’s priority area work industrial walnut orchards laying. Plantations are laid from certified breeding ...
  • Slavanka

    Poltavsky Shlyah, Kharkov, Ukraine,61064

    Slavanka ltd. is a distributor company. Works mostly in food industry.It the representative of some foreign companies Ukraine and alsoit represents many Ukrainian enterprises. Althought our company isnot very big famous worldwide, we\'ve got great ...
  • Orj Group

    # 3 Lesi Ukranki street, kiev, kiev

    We are a very Big Company that deals on the FOLLOWING Areas. Agricultural Equipments , Chemicals, Electrical equipments, Oil products & Energy, Construction and Equipments. Food products. Especially Sunflower Oil, cotton seed Oil,Soya bean Oil. Red can ...
  • Globalevanotrad.Co Ltd

    kolontaivska 29 Odessa, Odessa

    Do you dream of a fireplace by which will be able to spend nice autumn evening together with your family? Fireplaces are becoming more and popular. Our market is rich in various types fireplaces. We often we do not know choose.It worth selecting the eco-friendly ...
  • Techenergoprom

    Moskovskaya st., 6 Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovsk

    TechEnergoProm is the company specialized in metal trading��echEnergoProm��holding one of leading players trading domestic market Ukraine as well markets near- and far-abroad countries.Company�� mission: to promote growth sales ...
  • Panova Svatlena


    We are professional and seller of many pharmaceuticals products. Do not hesitate to contact us i case of need
  • Marksinladascrapltd

    2-y Kostandi lane, 4, Odesa,Odes'ka oblast 65000 odesa, Odes'ka (Odesa)

    Place of Origin:UKRAINETotal impurities...0.3.. % (Max.)No. 1 cooper Copper Wire level 1: including without bare, No coating, the pure alloys, surface non oxidation, excluding hair silk, 1.6 mm diameter should not be less than. Level 2: clean, luster, no ...
  • Malakhit Ltd.

    Novatorov, 9 Kyiv,

    We produce aluminium ceilings and fasades for our manufacturing we need strip in coils, PVDF poliester coated, with protective film. Widths of strips: 55, 58, 110, 132 mm (for ceilings) 274, 374, 500, 625, 1250 fasades. Thickness: 0.3-0.5 mm(ceilings), 0.8 ...
  • Risaengrydrinkcompanyltd

    sumy oblast postcode 4000 ukraine sumy, sumy oblast

    In order to meet the many needs of our customers and seeking in everything always fully expectations world . company carried out start a new project supply over all kine beer drink ,Soft Drinks , wine ,energy etc ...
  • Vezelica


    We produce soybean meal and soybean oil. Besides our company makes export these products in Europe and countries of Middle East.
  • Denade

    kiev205 odessa, kiev

    we have best products of research chemicals,and we also have all kind of chemical,like industrial chemicals at best price,contact us for more information.
  • alona bikadorova

    v. velikogo


    Sadovaia 15a

  • Good-Wood Hk Ltd


    We would like to widen our positions on Indian and Chinese markets are eager start WIN/WIN business relations.A small introduction of company:We Ukrainian company supplying pine, spruce, beech, birch fir logs from Ukraine, Latvia Lithuania Asian (China, ...
  • Dekart Plus

    Zap.shosse, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine,49040

    Dear sirsOur firm offers you cooperation in the field of export deliveries spare parts vehicles and agricultural machinery, made Ukraine, also we offer products plastic metal wares, under sketches drawings, given by you.We wait for your answers with ...
  • Bio-lavka

    Dneprovskaya naberegnaya Kiev,

    Goods for health: plate Koltsova, device Radamir, underwear for correction of a shape, medical devices and supplement.
  • Galtechnosistem

    ul/ Vol. Velykogo 35 kv 82 Lviv , Lvivska

    Sales of products for wind and solar power generation. Alternative sources of energy. Wind generators, controllers, inverters.
  • Kiev Business Consulting

    Other, Ukraine,

    High skilled ex entrepreneur, CEO, GM, Business Developer, Purchase Director available for recourse and precurement sevices for Europe and Middle East.