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  • Envantage, INC

    15585 Neo Parkway

    Envantage, INC. Is a consulting and analytical services company with operations based in Cleveland, Ohio Houston, Texas. Envantage is privately held corporation registered that specializes technology applications major emphasis on problems relating ...
  • AC Optics INC.

    P. O. Box 27

    AC Optics Inc. Offers custom optical components and systems including lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows, flats, filters, singlets, doublets, light-pipes, imaging projection systems. Provides both prototype OEM delivery. Import export to US Canada. ...
  • M3 Measurement Solutions Inc.

    687 brattleboro rd

  • PACE Technologies

    3601 E. 34th St

  • TMG Manufacturing Corp.

    5517 W. Sligh Ave., Suite 100

  • Advanced Silicon Distributing, Inc.

    337 La Vela Court

    ASD, Inc. is a US distributor of Polysilicon Chunk, granular, tops / tails, scrap poly, scrap wafers, solar wafers, silicon wafers, coin roll wafers 2"-12" diameters. SOI wafers, SOS, soda lime wafers, etc.
  • Updog Associates, LLC

    3780 Tampa Road, Suite 205-G

  • MarTek Inc

    112 S Rockford Drive

    Electroglas Wafer Prober Manufacturer. We offer NEW EG4090u+ Upgrade your older systems with hardware upgrades. sell and refurbish EG 4090u, 4080X Probers, 2001X wafer probers. Do you need Bottom Probe Card Changers (BPCC), Hot Chuck Upgrades? We all ...
  • Precision Elevator

    257 51 street

  • Canary Wireless LLC

    1721 Moon Lake Blvd STE 555

    Canary Wireless LLC is a privately-held Chicago company dedicated to providing innovative wireless products business travelers, students and other consumers worldwide. Wireless' first commercially-available product, an LCD Wi-Fi detector called ...
  • Level Enterprises Inc

    3155 Leonis Blvd

    Established since 1979. Wholesales in USA, Canada, and MexicoStrong premium items. We have general merchandise as well writing instruments promotional source hard to find items for our clients create new clients. ...
  • Valley Industries

    123 Industrial Loop Rd

    Distributor Based in the Midwest of the United States. Deal in the industrial and agricultural markets from fittings to gauges to equipment.
  • Tomkins - Plews and Edelmann

    1550 Franklin Grove Road

  • Noshok, Inc

    Established in 1967, our Company was one of the first to offer a liquid filled pressure gauge. This unheard feature slowly caught on as industry began recognize value extended service life that gauge provides. In late 1960's and early 1970's, NOSHOK ...
  • sohook solo

    575 Lexington Ave

  • Airpower America

    2050 Stanley Ave.

    Airpower america is the largest manufacturer of manual air inflators in usa, and vacuum powered oil changing systems world. also distributes markets a line electric inflators. The company was started 1919. ...

    1685 Baltimore Pike

    Automation USA Inc. Is a global market leader in the hand held coating thickness gauge and physical test equipment markets. Ausa provides innovative products, statistical analysis software, end to quality control management solutions for Metal Finishing ...
  • Bernardo Albelda, Sl

    P. O. Box 33385, Washington, Usa

    Our company was established in 1987. We were reformed and got our present name 1997. Now we have one domestic subsidiary an overseas branch Canada. products are now being exported to clients the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East many other parts of world. ...
  • Electro-Chemical Devices

    1681 Kettering

    Welcome to ECDElectro-Chemical Devices, Inc. (ECD) is a recognized leader in industrial process instrumentation: sensors, controllers, transmitters, analyzers and electrodes. ECD's products measure pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO) ...

    13360 E. Firestone Blvd. Suite Q

    ROTATECH is a professional scientifc & industrial instrument wholesaler. We have been fully qualified doing the distributor / wholesale business for domestic and international customers over 20 years. provide versatile famous brand of leading scientific ...