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    DRENAK, KUMANOVO, KUMANOVO, Macedonia,1300

    CALL ME IF U WANT MORE INFORMACION....................................................................................................U NOW MY PHONE
  • impact-dooel

    koco desano 15, bitola, Macedonia,7000

    my company is one of the first in my country for breeding ostriches and we have great conditions for developing this business in Macedonia but we need market where we could sell our products.
  • EKO Agriculture

    Vera Ciriviri 23

  • FungiMak

    Bojmija 4/30, Skopje, R.Macedonia, Macedonia,+389

    Fungi Mak is a small company that operate in field of processing the food. Main activity proccesing mushrooms, meat, vegetables and fruits with HPP (High pressure proccesing) tehnologies. It new ecological tehnology gives original taste products. This ...
  • Fokus Metal

    12-ta Makedonska Brigada br. 27

    Fokus Metal is a company founded in 1980, located Skopje, Macedonia. Its main operations include construction and trading of minerals non-ferrous metals ores. As we are very acquainted with the regions markets, usually serve proxy for collaborating ...
  • Inbexo Ltd

    Brand Petrusev Gevgelija, Macedonia

    We are business agency form R Macedonia, town Gevgelija. If you interested in doing and trade with wines,fresh vegetable fruit, please contact us. can offer organic food produced clean environment most favorable climate conditions.If interested, send us ...
  • Danivo Dooel

    Gorni Podlog, Kocani, Macedonia, Macedonia,2300

    Danivo Dooel Company produce about 650 MT Sant Andrea rice on danivo own field, also Danivo have capacity to manufacturing 500 monthly paddy rice, and that quantity of buy up from private agriculturist.Danivo sell around 2.050 per year. is high-quality ...
  • Mak Maks

    Jane Sandanski 9/2/8, Skopje, Macedonia,1000

    Exporter of great vegetable from Macedonia with big xxxxx
  • P e l l e I T A L I A - CEIM - Centro Economico I t a l o M a c

    :Maksim Gorki 8-8, Skopje, MacedoniaTelephone: ..."> var $j = jQuery.noConflict();

    Company Name: P e l I T A L - CEIM Centro Economico t a o M c d n eOperational Address:Maksim Gorki 8-8, Skopje, MacedoniaTelephone: 389-75-309060Mobile Phone: ++38975309060Fax: ++0389-2-3290514Address: Maksim 8-8Zip: 1000Country/Region: ...
  • Export MB ltd

    14 Solunska Glava

  • HealthAquired

  • Corona Design

    15 Korpus B. B.

    Product company, enameled tank water heaters, 10, 50. 80. Lit. Space electric quarc, convectors, bathroom Electric heated towel, wood heaters. Established 1990 year. Export to coyntres near Macedonia. New " instant heater-new tehnology ...
  • Dino Kompani

    Kliment Oxritski Bb

    The main activities of our company are buying, sorting, packing fresh agricultural products and selling them in the markets eastern Europe EU. Also during different seasons company, imports fruits vegetables distribute to grocery stores across parts ...
  • Sadfsadf

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    ilco dimov 10

    we a company from Macedonia we have a winary, in 2007 we started to sale a vegetables and fruits seson products from Macedonia.
  • Boletus


    We are one company in Macedonia and we are selling all kind of mushrooms such: Boletus, Morels, Shitake and other, if you are interested to buy from us pls feel free to contac us


    looking for comapnies who my company will assist in marketing their good in this part of the region. we have a formidable network which will serve as a odd distribution chain in the evn of any business venture
  • Ephoka-MK


    Miro Baraga bb


    Prvomajska bb

    BA Company was founded in 1993 as a paper trading and converting company Skopje, Macedonia. Since then it has grown to become one of Macedonian's leading privately owned packaging companies. Today, employs 67 people operates from several production ...
  • Linea Tre

    kimahobo, kukum, macedonia, Macedonia,1400

    Our company is based in Skopje, Macedonia. We are member since May, 2010. Our business related to Women\\\'sshoes.Retail selling what we do, Manufacture and sell quantitiesover 100 pairs.For those that choose our quality should order ...
  • 3pi positive

  • CS Global

    Ivo Ribar Lola 59-1/2 Skopje,

    HR Consulting and Outsourcing in Macedonia and the Region. Leader in corporate Training and Development, also Project Management for development projects.
  • Mondial Macedonia Ltd.

    s.Oblesevo Kocani,

    1..Baby diapers in bales ( Premium cloth like diaper, 100%Elastic Velcro type packed compressed bales.(28000lb per 1/40HC) or around 13tons 1/40HC FOB America and Europe.40 Bales container average 7700pcs. Per bale.85-90% usable,10-15% ...
  • Avangarda LTD

    St. Vladimir Komaro 31/2-10, Skopje, Macedonia,1000

    Dear Sir or Madam:We are a distributing company in Macedonia. Our core business is distribution of Philips lighting and bateries.We cooperate with around 1000 stores chains, we can distribute any tipe product great sucess.Our Crude Rafined and, OTHER ...