Companies in Guatemala

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  • Oilgt

    Guatemala Guatemala, Guatemala

    An Oil Product Derivatives Trading Company.Una compañia de Comercio Derivados PetroleoКомпания Торговли Дериватами НефтиUne compagnie Commerce des Dérivés PétroleOilgt ...
  • Selmet Corp

    Carretera a San Felipe 21A

  • Valex

    350 W 110 St

    Our company is based in Guatemala. products come from local produces and our production. We currently deal with persian lemons key lime. And soon we'll be producing own natural lime juice. are also supplier of raw cashew seeds. ...

    Avenida Reforma 10-00 Oficina 201

  • Guatemalan Candies, S.A.

    31 Calle 15-80, Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala,01012

    We have more than 50 years of experience in the Confectionary Industry. We keep improving our activities through technology, distribution channels and human management innovation.Actually, Guatemalan Candies has product 25 countries worldwide. also ...
  • plantex

    km 224, Carcha, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala,16001

    Production of leather leaf and flower quality, with professional supervision, the establishment company based on product quality for expotaci³n customer satisfaction.Product is special care in application products flowers optimum conditions ...

    4th ave, GUATEMALA, GUATEMALA, Guatemala,01052

    Maeco-Maexpo works the international market buying and sellingmainly out of Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru also with contacts inBrazil, Guyana. Ecuador, Paraguay Colombia.We have a trading desk following products: Beef,charcoal, soyabeans, yellow ...


  • Mark-nova Sistemas Y Servicios

    0 calle 12-20, zona 1, mixco, el roconal guatemala, guatemala

    Manufacturing and exporters of:Hot-Stamping machines, Gold-Stamping Presses for Bookbinder, Heat Marking presses, Elements Typography plastic process, Bronce Artesanal Engraving molds, Manual Cutting Presses, scequential numbering heads, ...
  • Corporacion Universal

    1 calle, 35-02 Zone 7,, GuatemalaCity, Guatemala,00000

    we are a commodity agent/broker in Guatemala central america, we have many types of availabele for the human consumpion, best prices and optimum products available, minimum order would be 20 ft. container world wide with all certificates available shipping ...
  • Printgraphic S.A.

    4a. calle 2-38 Zona 1 Guatemala, Guatemala

    Empresa litografica dedicada a la impresion en papel bond, couche y cartoncillos como texcote y husky cover de material publicitario
  • Globacell

    Calzada San Juan 35-41, zona 7, Plaza Santander Office 205A

  • Modepasa Import&Export

    4ta, calle, 0-02, Z16, Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala,01016

    Located in the middle of America, and with commercial advantage that our location give us (Just between North America South water acces to atlantic pacific Oceans), we are a company looking make good long lasting relationships.We mainly focus second hand ...
  • Suministro, Instalacion y Construccion, S.A.

    Calzada Rooselvelt 38-26 zona 7 col. villas del pedregal Guatemala, Guatemala

    We are a company that has been in the wholesale of plumbing products to buildings, condos, hotels, hydroelectric water plants and general constructors.We have over 15 years of impoting plumbing goods.
  • La Planta Viajera SA

    12 Calle 21-81, Guatemala, Guatemala,10110

    La Planta Viajera SA is a young company, that sells green products and flowers from Guatemala to the world. Beside the quality of the products, is service to customers important for us.

    lote 456 y 458 Covinta Barcenas zona 3 Villa Nueva

  • Proyectos Comercio e Inversion

    Km 34. 5 Carr Antigua Hacia Guatemala.

    We are a group of inversors that look for new kind comerce. have the distribution line water pumps, and electric generators, sale organic coffee, wood other products. really want to make bussines. in Guatemala, Central America ...
  • Designers AFC

    3 av. 1-17, zone 8 SC

  • marketer of small producer

    la esperanza

    is a company that is dedicated acomercializar products of small farmers of fruits and vegetables such as sesame seeds and so on. contamos December with areas for products in May requiring all of its small producers Firm
  • Cielca, S. A.

    Av. Reforma 1-64 Zona 9 Office, Guatemala City, Guatemala,01010

    We are a company located in Guatemala and our main business is to sell and install false ceilings in the Central America region.

    4 avenida Guatemala,

    We import low cost products to Guatemala to sell them at a affordable price with the objective that any person with a low income can buy these products.

    Km.174 Ca-10 San Esteban, Chiquimula

    Join us, We will provide the best minerals for you....! Welcome to the MICH Family! We produce the best minerales of Central American. The company has over 30 years experience in the area. Call us for a quote.
  • Mayan Market

    11 calle 28-54 z.11

  • Casa de los Filtros

    calzadsa Aguilar Batres 13-03 z.12, Guatemala, Guatemala,

    Casa de los filtros importador confidencial solo para exportadores de fabricasdirectamente de las lineas solicitadas
  • COMFAR, S.A.

    15 AVE A 24-77 Z. 13, GUATEMALA, GUATEMALA, Guatemala,01013