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  • Tulos Fur Oy

    Etelainen Rautatiekatu 14 bb

  • Toyshop Riimikko

    Vaelikatu 8 Porvoo,

    Toyshop Riimikko has one shop in Povoo (a specila, very popular wooden town) and a net shop.We buy products mainly from European whole salers.At the moment, we try to get dolls houses chinese firm Classic Wooden Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd. We suppose this is which make ...
  • Lahtis Enterprises UK Ltd.

    Patterikuja 19 d 14, Helsinki, Finland, Finland,00940

    We are small traidiing / whosale focused company in london.We provide to customers software development,internet sites, games and several IT Products.
  • Veirin Ltd

    Saterinkatu 10 Espoo, Uusimaa

    We sell super lightweight grouting mortars (cenospheres) with density (under atmospheric conditions) 1200?1300 kg/m3.
  • Ville Hakulinen

    Kirstinkatu 4b 22 Helsinki,

    Hi! I\'m beginnig a small business by selling mp3-player, dvd-medias, and so on.I\'m interested in laptops, mp3-players and so on.
  • Tietoset Oy

    Teknobulevardi 3-5

    We supply components, intermediate products and raw materials that advance their business. take advantage of the best sourcing sources practices are constantly looking for better solutions on behalf our customers ...
  • Safari filmi Oy

    Pohjoinen Boxintie 103, Box, Sipoo, Finland,01190

    We are small Finnish video and film company Safari filmi Oy ( founded in 2005). We make web-pages and videos. We also sell movie related gifts like t-shirts, mugs, bags etc.
  • Success Internationl

    Statistics desk, P. O. Box 160, FI-00101

  • T:mi TalkaMat

    Peuratie 16, VANTAA, Finland,01450

    Cake decorating web shop, business gifts in kitchen branche, xxxxx/verkkokauppa. I am going to open a shop soon and sell also ware. food journalist do communications consulting for beverage companies that market products Finland. ...
  • Pink Pine Forest Oy

    Moreenikatu 18 Lappeenranta,

    Identity code: 1041994-8Mobile Phones: +358 50 577 1883 I speak only finnish and little english.Email: I write finnish and english.
  • Minna Hanna Kupari

    Tarrantie 343

  • Heavy Machinery Importing & Exporting Co. H M T

    67 Elgazaeer street building No. 4/5 cairo,

    we are company established in Cairo Egyptour main buseness is importing used agriculture tractors to the middle east specially to Egypt.
  • Koruverstas Pentti Latvala

    Ahjolantie, Virrat, Finland,34800

    Koruversats Pentti Latvala is Finnish jewelry manufacturer who also imports jewelry. We are expertised to design and produce in co-operation with clients. can offer best quality uniqueness a ccordance customers\' wishes ...
  • Oy Tokuno Factory Ltd

    Other, Finland,

    Tokuno Factory Oy,Marketing & SalesWe are searching for Wood Pellet (WP) Brown (industrial) and White producers in Russia, Ukraine the Eastern Europe.We also interested to get into contact with HFO "Mazut" Russia.Brown WP: Delivered per order ...
  • ompukas

    Kranintie, koski tl, Finland,31500

    We do wholesale and resale. Products are manufactured in EU mostly.See our webpaes and don\'t hesitate to contact!Waiting to hear from You!Regards, Tuuli
  • Heke Import Oy

    nihtisalontie 16 B 3 Espoo, xx

    Heki Import Oy is an importing company. We buy technical products, machinery,electronics, softwares etc.
  • Encanta Oy


    Encanta is a wholesaler of hair care products in Finland. All our products were tested and have dermatological control certificates. Our producing partners are well known in Europe and all over the world.
  • Tigare.Ltd.Co

    Box 16282, 103 28 Helsinki,

    Our technical support comes from in house specialists and the employment of other experts industry. management technicians team is about to establish an efficient quality production process, order successfully enter international markets. After ...
  • Atom Lemon

    Vaasantie 11

  • Fintrees Nordic Oy

    Saarijarventie 22 b11

  • Audiotaivas

    Yrttikatu 1 F 52 Tampere,

    I am just starting importing company to Finland, Europe. My main products are going be home theater amplifiers and full-sized loudspeakers. But also interested in a lot of things import.Because In Europe, CE is neede for real. ...
  • APYachting Oy

    Saarenkarjenkuja 3

  • Finn-Market Impex Agency

    Vainonkatu 11 A Jyvaskyla,

    We want to buy computer-monitors (17"), which areworking with "finger-touch".Urgent reply to our e-mail!!!
  • Saffron Paper .Inc

    Munkkiniemen Puistotie 16 Helsinki, Helsinki

    Saffron Paper Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing and exporting all kinds of copy paper related products.Thanks to the convenient transportation, our business has gained fast steady development.As an industrial company, we set Copy products as two main ...
  • Himalaya Arctic Services

    Rovaniementie 230

    We import popular products that are easy to sell European Union Area and Russia. based in Finland between our main markets union provide guidance necessities for importing ones own one self selling them maximum profit. ...