Companies in Croatia

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  • Hidros

    Perucka 7 Osijek, Croatia

    No info, next time will be available, No info, next time will be available,No info, next time will be available,No info, next time will be available,
  • Conakry d.o.o.

    Naljeskoviceva 29

  • Opg Frketic

    Domobranska 22b Duga Resa, Karlovacka

    we are family beekeeping from Croatia. We produce and sell ( export) honey, propolis , and other bee products, we have own apiary and products are top quality
  • Herba Vitae

    Postup 27 / 1

  • Rw D.O.O.

    snasici 2f labin, croatia

    seling china products in croatia specialy mobile phones, computers,audio and photo tehnology. seling and trading
  • Gorgotron Industries

    1. poljski put 2 Zagreb, Grad Zagreb

    A small business that is independently owned and operated, with a small number of employees and relatively low volume of sales.We trade in variety of products and are proud to state that we are an expanding bussiness.
  • Ulage D.O..O.

    Marticeva 8 Zagreb, Croatia

    We are croatian trading company. We would like to cooperate with world wide manufacturers and trading companies with cast iron manhole covers, fittings and pipes. We are orientated on SE European market.
  • Ecokilowatt

    Ivekoviceva 19, Zagreb, Croatia, Croatia,10000

    In the past few years major multinational, experienced, innovative and open minded companies are developing their activities maximizing market share on newly opened markets in South Central East Europe (area of ex-Yugoslavian countries Croatia, ...
  • Intergradnja

    Vukovarska 8 / 4

  • Pharmaceutica D.O.O.

    Zelengaj 27a Zagreb, Zagreb

    We are professionals in cosmetic product development and manufacturing with 10 years of experience. do small-scale, craft products for individuals as well large scale batches our bigger clients.Contact us if you have any questions about or services - ...
  • World of Wine Corp.

    Cista Velika I,51 Cista Velika, Croatia

    We are an International Trading Company, operating mainly in the field of supply alcoholic beverages, such as wines from various countries (Italy, Greece) well spirits specialties Italy (Grappa and fruit brandy), Greece (Ouzo, Tsipouro), Faroe (Aquavit), ...
  • pumpkin doo

    a. senoe, pitomaca, Croatia,33405

    Dear Sirs,Our company PUMPKIN xxxxx (limited liability) is privately owned, and its main activity as follows:1. Production of chamomile mint .-within this we have our own processing plant.The products been sold on the markets worldwide for over 15 years ...
  • INGENS d.o.o.

    Milice Jadranic 36/b Rijeka,

    Import and selling new and used car, scooters, trucks. Credits and leasing , cooperation with more banks from Croatia.
  • Goldy *****

    Anzulovica 3a, Novigrad, Dalmatia, Croatia,23312

    Relevant information about our company, such as industry, size,production, establishment, etc will be deliverd on request.
  • KGT d.o.o.

    S. Radica 25 Beletinec,

    We are a Croatian wholesale company.We have three main departmants: motorcycles and cars,roller chains, bearings. Our customers are practictly in evrey part of EU and Balkan.We are in constant search for good supliers.
  • DUAL II D.O.O.

    Krbavska 13 Split,

    We are dealers for office and graphic machines and materials for Croatia, Bosnia and other ex. yugoslav republics.
  • DIVNA xxxxx

    Tomislavova 3, Krizevci, Croatia, Croatia,48260

  • Mateo Obrt

    Zagorska 146 Grabovac, Osjeko baranjska zupanija

    My company are selling live snails and frozen snails prepared for food in restaurants and hotels from all of the world
  • Pelcom d.o.o.

    Ulica Grada Vukovara 222, no, Other, Croatia,10000

    Professional support for network controled systems. LED lighting products make of LED lamps. Programing and designing light systems.
  • OPG

    hrvatskih kraljeva 105

  • M-Profil D.O.O.

    Prilaz Dr, Franje Tudjmana 11 Zabok,

    We are manufacture company which producing inustrial buildings, steel structures, panels for roof and wall, industrial geotekstile, and welded wire mesh.Looking for PPGI, wire rod, steel in plate, IPE, HEA, HEB. HEM
  • Calcar Ltd.

    Laznice 8 Zagreb, Hrvatska

    We are trading company with long term relationships Chinese manufacturers specialized in silicone watches, watch boxes, toys, dolls and textile products. only selling quality, verified products the lowest possible prices.We accept PayPal payment which ...
  • Pikan LTD


    Hello All buyers,We are a small family company looking to invest and plantapproximately 4000 plum trees in the heart of fertile Croatia,Europe. land is our privately owned without any debts orcredit.We currently forecasting export 30-80 tonnes ...
  • Cedar ltd


    Dear Sirs,Allow me shortly to introduce our company Cedar Ltd. We are timber export from Rijeka, Croatia. Company has been established as Limited Liability in 1992. Up till now we have grown into one of the leading companies wood region.We sawn Egypt, China and ...
  • A.D.E. D.O.O.

    Oranice 26 Zagreb,

    Importer of construction materials Granit,Bamboo Flooring,Formwork Material,Adjustable Props,Video Doorphones