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  • Electrostart JSCo

    9 Shipchenski prohod Blvd, Sofia, Other, Bulgaria,

    Electrostart JSCo. has been established since 1967. The company isa leading manufacturer of ballasts for fluorescent, sodium, mercuryand metal halide lamps. Electrostart JSCo, exports its products tomore than 35 countries around the world and partners ...
  • Bonidex Ltd

    Obekt 18 Plovdiv,Rogosh, Plovdiv

    Ot 2010g BONIDEX LTD razviva nova deinost, vnos na stroitelni materiali kato Magnezievi ploskosti, Gipsovi tawani i dr. Opitvame se da razshirim nashiat asortiment, za izpulnim jelaniata nashite klienti,. tova koeto tarsiat.Sashto taka prodavame ...
  • EKO-BG Ltd

    Han Kardam 8

    Our farm producing organic fertilizer by using Californian red worm began production in March 2007. The is owned the ECO-BG LTD. 1.06..2011 on to have a 3000 sq. meter - 1500 beds. In 2011 will produce approximately 1000 liters fertilizer. ...
  • Trakia Leather Ltd.

    Other, Bulgaria,

    Trakia  Leather Ltd. is a trading company since 1982 based in Bulgaria , specialisingin the supply of raw hides and animal skins.Essentially we customprovide unsurpassed quality brine cured cattle saltedsheepskins to customers exactspecifications. ...

    43, Hadji Dimitar Str. SLIVEN, Sofia

    We have the great pleasure to introduce ourselves you as one of leading factories in Bulgaria for past hundred years.Our factory is dealing mainly with carpets and a lot other products. are famous our good quality carpets, attractive collections various ...
  • Filterqueen Bulgaria

    114 Bul.Evlogi Georgiev, Sofia, Bulgaria,1505

    "TOYSWORLD" e trading company which was established in 2004. Mainly with the idea to satisfy wishes of all children regardless age. Its distinctive name makes provocative even themselves, as carried out their dream have a world toys and they can be ...
  • Gas Geo Term Ltd

    52 Borisova St Ruse,

    Or company have field of activities in highway construction and reparation.We are seller of UREA, Cement, D2, M100
  • Fresco LTD

    undola 14

  • Trakiya Energy Bulgaria Ltd.


    We are the largest producer of compost in Eastern Europe
  • Kadiffe

    Central Office: 83 Gueshevo Str. BC Serdika, Sgrada 3, Office 204; Legal/Taxation Address: 33 Sveti Naum blvd (the previous office)

    Kadiffe ltd is established 2003 as a result of long year experience management in foreign trade from 1989. The company produces fine, high quality apparel, garment, knitwear. production plant brand new and responding to all international standarts for ...
  • Otselo blankets

    Vasil Levski 18, Varna, Bulgaria,9000

    Our blankets are hand-loomed 100% organic virgin wool.Virgin woolhas never been used in any other product. The fiber is especiallylong, making the very soft and durable. Most colors haveno dyes natural of sheep. These aremachine washable cool water. ...
  • bonfruit n eood


    import&export: fruit&vegetable . .

    2, Sirma voyvoda Str.

    ZEMTEH LTD. is directly importer and exporter of new used tractors, implements spare parts. We have been co-operated with above 100 suppliers from 20 countries all over the world. Our customers are thousands farmers in Bulgaria nearest where we our own sales ...

    Pechatnitsa Iztok Building, West Industrial Zone

    EUROTEX is an experienced importet, sorter and exporter / wholesaler of second hand clothes and shoes. We export to Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa. For more information please refer to



    1 Tsar Osvoboditel str., Provadia, Varna, Bulgaria,

    The INEXIM GROUP Ltd. is a Bulgarian export-import company.The mission of the company is to supply the world market with highquality and valuable products produced in Bulgaria.
  • Milkyex ltd.

    D-r. A.Moskov, Sevlievo, Sevlievo, Bulgaria,5400

    "MILKIEKS Ltd. is undertaking oriented in buying and processing of raw milk products. The plant located Sevlievo, situated North Central Bulgaria, remote from the capital Sofia, 180 km. Moderate - continental climate this part Bulgaria aims for ...

    mlddost, sofia, Bulgaria,1136

    производство на въжета от полиестер ...
  • E Vision Ltd. BG

    Project manager


    Y Sakazov 17

  • Team Dent Ltd.

    "Neofit Bozveli" 1 str. Kardzhali, Bulgaria

    Dear Sir/Madam, We are dealers of medical and dental materials devices from Bulgaria.We interested for your products. Please send us price list products if you have some special conditions becoming distributor.Best regards, Team Dent Ltd. ...
  • Metaform Ltd

    bul.bulgaria 101 Kardzhali, bulgaria are manufacturer furniture,coffee furniture wiithe stainless steel top

    1 Starozagorska Street, Floor 3, Office 24-23

    VESSELINO LTD is well established at the Bulgarian and international markets for already 14 years. Our company situated in Kazanlak-an ecologically pure area geographical center of Bulgaria, called THE VALLEY OF ROSES-the valley world well-known ...

    40, Yuri Venelin, Sofia, Bulgaria, Bulgaria,

    We are a Bulgarian company thatoffers  only ecologically clean honey. It is 100% pure blossomhoney. Based on 20 years experience in traditional technologyproduction, the  bees fed only natural polen from tries,flowers and herbs, not with syrup or ...
  • Intertandem Trading Group Ltd

    Stefan Karadja32

    My company is engaged in business consulting, marketing, representation and mediation, including investment.We have representatives Bulgaria, Russia, England, France, Austria, Cyprus, Sweden Finland.We stores for mobile phones accessories ...